Amiri Hospital Visit

My aunt wasnt feeling too good for a couple of days so she had an appointment to go to the hospital on Monday. So I called her up and told her I was coming with her since her son isnt here. And Im pretty good at shouting and getting my way in Goverment areas so I thought I could be of some help and entertainment.

Just for those who are wondering she is feeling better but it seems that her nerves in her neck are slightly pinched so it is causing her some pain. So when we got to the doctors appointment there were a lot of women and some men. With this post I am going to give some pointers to help in government medical facilities. I have to say that its known in Kuwait that Government Doctors are the best in Kuwait. First thing I was surprised to see is that they have fixed up Amiri Hospital. It looks like a decent hospital from the inside these days. At last it doesnt look like a run down building about to be demolished.
The reason why its fixed up these days is because certain families take a whole wing and fix it up completely on their own bill. So it doesnt look that depressing anymore. So one family fixed up the whole ground floor. Another family fixed up the first floor completely. So the floors might be slightly different but they look good. It isnt perfect, but its a lot better! Those are the floors that I saw, I didnt see the rest.
And now when you go to the doctor it isnt a set appointment you have to get a piece of paper with a number on it. And there is ticker above the doctor’s door. Its better this way so you really know who’s turn it is. At least its a ticker system, but some how its working. The tests such as CT Scan, Xray, and Blood work were very good and on time. Usually for a CT Scan you have scheduelle for another day except if it was the doctor’s orders and it was. The doctors are very decent and really try to help, this is my experience from meeting a couple of them.

Pointers to Keep in mind:

  • You have to have your civil ID on you all the time!
  • The managment is still somewhat bad. When you go to the doctor get a ticker and then go get your file, because when your number is called they tell you why didnt you get your file then somebody else comes in. And there is a possibilty that they lose you file. So if they lose your file you have to go back to the Doctor’s Nurse and get a piece paper from her saying to create a new file so you can into your appointment. Get all the things done before your turn comes up. (And yes they did lose my aunt’s file)
  • Be patient with the ladies behind the counters because they can make your lives a living hell! (I was smiling and being very nice to them so I got what I wanted). And some of them have a loootttt of attitude so just be patient. (It was hard!)
  • Even though there is a ticker system and you have your number keep your eye out for women who always try to skip. I noticed that some women always try to skip and the men rarely did which was interesting. So if its your turn and somebody else walks in, dont wait walk right behind them ask for their ticket number (that is what I did to one women and she tried to lie so I went off on her, but it was for my aunt’s friend who had an appointment. And then I did again for my aunt’s appointment. She also did a fair share of arguing! lol)

Hopefully this will help people if they go to Amiri or any other government medical facility. And I did entertain my aunt!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. so a map to pinpoint where the road camera’s are, and a guide to goverment hospitals, keep up the good work :P

    u reminded me of a scene from inta5baw om 3ali, when u when dawood hussain describes a visit to a hospital :P

  2. Allah ya36eek al3afya!

    I’m glad to read that your aunt is doing better!

  3. Q8techdrive: yeah i dowloaded this morning just before going to work. Im going to take a look at it after I finish servicing my bike!!

    Yazeed: The map is to help everyone out really, and the hospital visit can really help some people with guides and stuff. I just post what I go through sort of thing! Dawood Hussain is hilarious!

    Stallion: Allah E3afeek! Mashkoor

  4. aww zouk what a good nephew you are :) im glad you managed to convice her to go with you ehhee at least you didn’t have to wake up at 5am and wait outside her door :P

    I actually miss my doctor in Kuwait, he was cool and whenever I was ill, I’d just call him directly and within 10 mins I had an appointment ON TIME, and all my tests were ON TIME unlike in the shitty UK where I have to wait 5 months for an ultrasound!

    Glad she is better :)

  5. aye marz the ticker is a good system just have to watch out for the skipping people who barge in – the ladies behind the counter usually dont confront them..

  6. Pearls: Mashkoora, alah esalmich

    Ananyah: Yeah I didnt have to wake up tooo early. There appointments arent too bad here

    Amer: Yeah I know I confronted a few of them for my aunt, and for other people! I dont like getting in people’s faces but I will if I have to! hehe

  7. Finally someone who isn’t bashing the Kuwaiti healthcare system!
    I’m also a fan, especially of the Amiri, since that’s where they took my wisdom teeth out a year ago, and it was a pretty good experience. As good as hospital experiences can be that is…
    The only thing I wish they’d improve is the lack of anyone speaking English. It’s either that or they’re too shy, but it always takes ages to figure out where to go and what to do.

  8. Q8Sultana: Like you know it isnt bad, it just hard to figure things out. Thats why I give a little guide to try to help people understand where to go, but people there are pretty helpful.

  9. Ravi

    Sir i’m srffering from eye seight (long distance) i want to make treatment for it. Is their is any treatment is providing in any govenment hospitals.

  10. Ravi: I would recommend you go check out Al Hadi hospital, but Im not sure what treatments are available at the different hospitals since I am not in the medical profession!

  11. drovaiz

    salam habibi i am a bahraini studying in china i am almost to complete my studies here i just wanted to ask a favour i know its awkward as you dont know me but i will be thankful if u could help me find a hospital in kuwait were i can do preintership well i am not sure if you will ever reply but any how i am a little desperate

    and u have a wonderful blog keep up the good work my friend

  12. drovaiz: Hi, I’m sorry I can’t help you in this field. I don’t know hospitals in Kuwait so I wouldn’t be able to help you with that.

  13. khoirul wafa

    i’m indonesian
    I was working in amiri hospital kuwait for 6 years.
    so I knew well what kind of the people they are.
    you are correct. you have to be patient and you can not do anything.
    But if you have WASTA (top people in government or sheik)
    you will not suffered like that. everything is easy. not only in the hospital. even your live in kuwait completly
    tha’s all

  14. Kevin

    I have always gone only to the Government hospitals in Kuwait and I’ve been ill many times the 14 years I was here.

    The Ppediatricians (Baby doctors) are considered the best in Aamiri hospital and I can vouch for that.

    I only wish most of the docs in Kuwait would throw less attitude and reply politely when we speak. We are ill and we are afraid. It’s their duty to assure us. But again, the medicines have worked 99% of the time.

  15. Okay, good to know that Q8Sultana had a good wisdom-tooth-experience,I think I’m gonna have to get mine looked at because the painkillers ain’t helping no more and the swelling doesnt look funny anymore :-(

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