I just watched episode 13 and I think I losing it! I cant keep watching week to week! I hate it! Its driving me nuts! I want to know now! 24 fans understand. I want to know whats going to happen next nooowwwww!!!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. hey i watched seasons 1,2,3 back to back, i finished them in less than two weeks

    i used to download season 4 each week and i hated it

    the worst thing in the world is having to watch it on tv!!!!! i absolutely hate it
    espcially when they take a commercial break!!!

    allah yi3eena killna
    espcially next week its prison break and 24

    and please stop posting about 24
    only do it on mondays
    i dont want to think about it the rest of the week, cause honestly: I CANT WAIT!!!!!!

    I WANT MORE! THIS ISNT ENOUGH! ITs 1:40am and I gotta get up for work, damn its gonna suck!

  3. I stopped watching it in Season 1…… maybe I should start! Yalla Zouk DHL them to me :P

  4. I can do that if you will really watch them! only if you will! lol

  5. I found your post on Safat posted half an hour before mine! *laughs* I know EXACTLY how you feel!

  6. Im squinting my eyes at you with skepticism!!

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