My Breakfast!

Im usually not much of a breakfast man. I just get up and shower then go to work. I can wait until lunch and usually stuff myself. But these days its been a bit different. I get up fill my bowl up with frosties and pour the milk on. I like it being half soft and hald crunchy so I let it sit for five to ten minutes in the cold milk while I surf the net in the morning! Then I eat it up and feel good. I dont know but I have suddenly had the urge for frosties these days.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I cant advise..since I dont follow it…But breakfast is the most important thing….you are breaking the fast of 8- 10 hours. Lunch in Kuwait while work is something that you can only dream off…atleast for few of us. so I think its very important to have BF(here it expands to breakfast…but girls, its also important to have boy friends…hehhee)

    I had my break fast this morning and I am feeling much better than other days!

  2. Q8techdrive: I know what you mean lunch is usually impossible, but I usually have a late lunch and stuff my self silly. But I am feeling better after having breakfast, and each girl does her own thing! lol

  3. its quite impossible for me to have lunch on desk…I dont like it also. I like having food in a relaxed environment.

  4. a7la shay breakfast.. i am 22 and i can honestly say that i have never in my life left the house without breakfast..

    Its very good for u.. boosts ur metabolism.. gives ur brain more energy to work with ;)

  5. I recently started having some baguette breads stuffed with nice different things, like one day it would be an egg and tomato sandwich, another would be like cheese or whatever so it doesn’t become a routine but yea i know what you mean.

  6. Beyond Q8iya: I dont my brain is functioning at all the in the morning no matter how much energy I throw at it!

    Jackie: Keep things exciting is always good, but Im have thing wierd frosties craving. Sometimes i just get up take a bottle of water and go to work.

  7. i never eat breakfast, can’t be bothered! I rarely eat dinner also…. I just eat once a day and thats a sandwich :P

    yes I probably have a fucked up eating disorder since everyone thinks I’m turning anorexic lol

    I like rice krispies tho :) I eat em in the weekend… I could seriously live on em!

    Marzouqqqqq…. u are very random :D

  8. Being random keeps things interesting! And I dot love Rice Krispies but I have to add sugar to it! lol

  9. Abood

    but do all kuw8ys take shower?

  10. Abood: I dont even want to know the answer to that! Its the only that really wakes me up in the morning, and I feel that my joints can now move!

  11. abood

    Marzouq – Sorry if you felt offended. But majority of them doesnt. I think they do it once a week only. I feel shame to say this as I am also a citizen of this country and my country men depend heavily on deodarant and expensive perfumes. One at home – One inside car(for spraying on body and in car) One in Bag(Ladies) and One in Office. Most of the Ladies fell foul. As you said, a minority makes sure that they bath and then only they feel better. I am happy I found one person like me.

  12. Abood: nooo I know what you I mean! I wasnt offended! I was being sarcastic! Sometimes I want to people through carwashes they are pretty bad, and whats worse is covering it up with perfume…oohh that is probably the worst!

  13. hmm we started with the magical bowl of frosties craving and turned to croissants and gradually to showers and b.o. and ended up with mazrzouq seeming offended by it all – now *thats* a good thread!

    ps – for whats its worth frosties is great if you on a diet and need that “dessert” or “sugar” craving after a meal

    especially for a non smoker

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