Against the Grain

So I woke up early and went to the NBK branch in the city early in the morning so I hit some traffic but not too much. I was finishing things up and then by the time I was going to work I was going against traffic which was a fantastic feeling! Look at the empty road! How could you not feel like speeding! So I did shortly after putting down the camera! A little fun before going to work! hehehe

And look at all the traffic next to me. Sucks to be them! lol! I wanted to gloat for once I wasnt stuck in morning traffic!



A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I feel the same way most days, I mean I hate leaving the house too early around 7ish or something because I knowww I’LL BE IN TRAFFIC for a full hour or more! It just sucks. The amount of construction and all going on :/

    So anywhoo yeah :P Happy Weekend :P

  2. do what i do – go to work late and leave work late

    —- i avoid traffic somehow…

    but in case of marzouk i don’t see a traffic story, i see a symbolic parable of him feeling he needs to go against the grain, the flow, the pack, the sheep in life…

  3. i live in sharq & my office is in salmiya

    when i’m goin to the office to salmiya, everyone’s going to city for work & hence no traffic.

    when i’m going back home, everypne’s going salmiya & hence no traffic.. It’s so cool..

  4. Jacqui: Enjoy your weekend too. But like you said its sucks to be stuck in traffic.

    Amer: lol not doing things the typical way is my forte! hehe

    Vineeth Menon: I experienced this yesterday morning and it felt fantastic!! Empty roads!! woohoo

  5. hahaha
    i know the feeling
    like the road actually wants you to speed

  6. Exactly! Speeding is safe as long as most of the idiots arent on the road!

  7. u got that right

    u need to go to the autobahn (highway in german, i think..) in germany, no speed limit, unless there is traffic around :)

  8. hehehe ananyah.. I only speed when I have the blue and red lights on! lol

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