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Cold Room

icebar2I just got two hours of sleep before catching my plane. Thinking I got a long ride to take so I would just sleep on the plane. Surprisingly Im not tired at all. Im even thinking of going early to the airport early to go sit in the Pearl Lounge. The Pearl Lounge is a nice addition to Kuwait Airport. At last they have decent lounge, and it isnt falling apart. Every airlines has a contract with them so you can go in there, except for Kuwait Airways. I think I just heard that Kuwait Airways opened up a new lounge, but Im happy I dont have to use it. I think they have really good food on Kuwait Airways, but the problem is the people travelling on the plane think it’s their plane and act like idiots. So they are completely inconsiderate of other people. So I usually try to avoid travelling on Kuwait Airways.

Usually when I go to sleep I like my room to be freezing cold. I mean really really cold. So I can get a good night’s sleep. But this time I got about two hours of sleep which is fine. And I feel ok especially after the shower, but the one thing I am looking forward to is the plane being cold because I know Im going to pass out on the plane. I love sleeping on planes for some reason. I can always sleep on planes! That has never been a challenge for me! More pictures of these places will be showing up.