Travel Check List


I dont know about some people but I need a lot of things to preoccupy me when Im flying. I dont depend on the travel entertainment. And before I travel I try to make sure I have everything I need!
Lets go through my travel check list:

  • Laptop (2 Batteries charged

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  1. I carry the following electronic crap when I travel .. hate the feeling of forgetting to bring something and then needing it:

    Digital Camera
    PDA (Nokia 770)
    3 Phones (Kuwait/America/Backup)
    Headphones (noise cancelling)
    Bluetooth headsets
    VOiP box (not paying $$$ for hotel calls)
    Pocket wireless router
    Magazines/Books/Notepad (for when electronics have to be off)

    I use an iGo everywhere130 to power everything…

  2. I read Jennifer Government by Max Barry and it was a good light read. Tell me how it is.

    Funny thing is that I am avoiding all sorts of electronics when I travel. I dont want carry any wires with me. The only thing that is electronic is my phone (P910i) and a wireless keyboard.

    Film based camera, tons of books, and my trust notepad.

  3. I am guessing that by the amount of electronics you’re taking that your bag would be kind of heavy won’t it? :P

  4. according to your picture it seems you are travelling to.. mars?

  5. “If I have a lay then a change of cloths and some appropriate items” ‘

    escuuuse mee????

  6. you wear a scarf?!!!!

    dude you been spending too much time with the wrong crowd

  7. I always carry:

    2 digi cams
    2 cell fones
    a bottle of water
    chewing gum
    laptop in its own funky bag
    and jewellery


  8. Thats really cool, my australia-kuwait flights always have the following:

    – 8 new movies compressed and loaded into my psp’s 2gig sd card.

    – 1 gig of my favourite music in a 1gig sd card.

    – Second recharged battery for my psp

    – my laptop

    – my motorola razr v3c

    nothing else, everything else goes into my big bag, this is all I carry when boarding into the plane.

    I travel alot, because I get 4 free tickets on first class to any destination around the world per year from KA.

    plus my scholarship gives me 500kd annually to buy a return ticket from Ozland to q8.

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