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Doing the Rounds!

I know a lot of people are different then the way I am when it comes to family visits! A couple of my friends go nuts because everytime I leave Kuwait for a long trip I visit all the major members of my family, like my grand parents from my mom’s side, and my grandmother from my dad’s side. And also my dad’s aunts. And if its a really long trip i visit all my aunts and uncles, and i probably have lunch or dinner a day or two before i leave at my grand parent’s house. I really do enjoy seeing my family, but maybe thats just me.. I know my brother does the same thing and so do a few of my cousins not all of them..

Doing these rounds takes about 3-5 days.. and if im really good it takes about 2-3 days.. and the goodbyes are always a max of 3 days! lol.. i sat there thinking about the amount of time it takes me! So when i arrive in kuwait i usually dont see my friends except after the 4th or 5th day.. because even if im not visiting someone i usually like staying at home after work to stay with my family and visit my brother and his wife..

But this also something that I think is part of Kuwaiti culture and its a good thing!