Food Run!


While I was in the states, no matter how much we ate we would always be hungry around 2 am or 3 am. Escpecially after a long day! So we have a couple of options at night… its either the Wendys which is 20 mins away or the Jack in the Box (Jack in the Crack) that is 10 mins away! And of course we order a huge amount of food! For about 6 to 7 guys, but I always wanted to do what they did in this video!

Link:Food Run!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. i bet u already miss wendy’s and Jackindabox
    dont u?

  2. Just for those late night food runs! But every once and a while you want to eat some junk food! haha

  3. ee gi9 3ala 3omrik oo gazerha fee MacD’s or BKing :P

  4. and I wonder why you were eating too much *giggle*

  5. Yazeed: law amoot ma akil junk food bil ikwait! Bes Hardeez ib ibnaider! hahaha

    ananyah: Plausible Deniability!

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