24!!! Breaking NEWS!!!


I was just emailed this from a friend of mine! Which made my day!!! It just fantastic news! 24 has just been signed for three more seasons and Jack Bauer has been made Executive Producer.

And yes I refer to him as Jack Bauer!!!
Link: 24

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  1. hahaha!! Sorry! Like I mentioned earlier! I havent been online for the past couple of days! But its fucking fantastic news!

  2. how was this weeks episode?
    as usual, cant wait till next week
    did u catch prison break too?

  3. did you know jack bauer is a cowboy?

  4. he has his own rodeo, tried to find pictures of him on a horse online but cant seem to find one.. and not one from a movie..

  5. ugh not him again *rolls eyes*

    im still waiting for my DVDs!

  6. Yazeed: I havent seen this weeks episode yet! Going to watch it on the weekend! And I am catching up on Prison Break as well!

    Mark: Jack Bauer Cowboy! lol! It was one of his aliases! hehe

    Ananyah: Soon enough! Jack will always be around!

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