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A Minute to Breath! Damn!

This week has been hectic as hell! I didnt even have time to be online and check emails! I didnt even surf online for the past couple of days during work! Its crazy!

Basically since I came back I havent had enough sleep! Its been nuts!

My grandmother has been in the hospital since the day I have came back from the US. So I left the airport and went to her from day one. I spend at least two hours a day at the Amiri Hospital and at different times. And work has piled up like crazy. And the last couple of days I havent gotten that much sleep! I feel like passing out right now and its only 6:15 pm on a wednesday! At least its a three day weekend! I just have a little work on Thursday morning, and then Im going to the chalet (inshalla) after work! I want to get some rest this weekend! All that I want to do is relax!

Saturday and Sunday were full of things to do at work. I had to check on a couple of orders. Track down some people, and fix a couple of things at the company! I was going nuts! And finding out that a couple of the people I needed to get in contact with to move some products were gone for a little while! I was loosing my cool!

Monday I went to a really good forum in Hilton Manguf about Venture Capital in Technology in the Middle East! Real informative with some very good speakers! Such as Jim Morrison, the CEO of Imate, and speakers from Intel’s Venture Capital Arm. And some very interesting speakers from all over the world. It started at 8:15am and it didnt finish until 5:30pm, and then I still had to go to work finish a few things up. So I didnt get home until 7pm.

Then Tuesday was the elections in the Chambers of Commerce, and I didnt get home until 11:45pm or something like that. My brain turned to mush after I crossed the 11th hour! Standing in the sun, blistered feet, and it started raining! Wow what a crazy day! I took a long shower when I was done! And then back to work on wednesday even though I showed up late! hahaha!

And its wednesday! I hate being out on a wednesday! Its because of the traffic and the amount of people in all the different areas! I will play video games!!!! woohooo! hehehe