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3 Day Break!

After a hectic week a visit to the shalaih was exactly what I needed! I had a bright idea to take my bike with me so I can enjoy it there too! So I towed my bike with my landcruiser! I love my landcruiser! Its like my own little tank! When I was towing the bike I know that I cant pass 100Km/h, and I felt like I was driving slower then the water tanks! Everyone was passing me, but I didnt care. I just made a new music cd which was extremely enjoyable, and so I didnt care. I had lots of time to make there for dinner! I left on thursday around 4pm and reached AlZoor around 5:10pm.





I havent been to the shalaih for a couple of months and seemed like the guys have redone a lot of the place. And I have a room with my cousin to redo which a pretty cool project. Its a nice thing the guys are doing. Its a friend’s shalaih, but the guys have been going for years, I used to go a lot before college. And now im going to start going again. And its nice to sleep on a bed now! hehehehe.. not on the floor like back in the day! hahahaha!

The water was really nice, it was hot outside and the water was cool. And we were eating like pigs! I came to the realization that I need to cut back on food! Im going to start hitting the gym like a I did before my travels! hehe! My swim shorts didnt fit me like they used, but I still jumped in the water! And damn it felt goooood!






And while we were visiting Khairan’s Marina I was taking pics of some boats and these maintenence guys working on the boats. Everyone is having their boats prepared for these coming hot days!




I never thought that I would be jumping in the water in April! I forgot how hot Kuwait gets! lol! But it was a nice relaxing weekend!