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I really do enjoy sleep but for the life of me yesterday I couldnt sleep a wink! It was driving me nuts! It didnt help that I had my laptop switched on and I was watching some anime! But still I wanted to go to sleep! Then I entered the realm of google! For some reason I couldnt stop googling stuff! I had to be up at 8 am! I had a few things I wanted to do, then I would go to work.. but nooooo… I couldnt get off the computer! When it became 3am I switched off my computer and realized that I should be asleep! 5 hours of sleep isnt bad!

But when I wanted to sleep I wasnt able to sleep! I was going nuts! And it felt like something was in my eye.. I kept tossing and turning.. and my part of the bed was getting hot so I had to sleep on the other side which felt wierd so that wasnt helping.. and by the time I looking at the clock again I knew I was screwed! It was 4:30am! I was going nuts!

I got up at 8:30am dropped of my bike at TriStar motorcycle to get a few carbon fiber pieces put on and I gave them back the motorcycle trailer they lent to me for the weekend. They were very nice to lend me the trailer for the weekend! Anywayz now I have been at work since 9:30 am and I am feeling like crap! My head is Pounding! lol! Its an annoying headache! I am really looking forward to lunch in a couple of hours! oohhh foood! That would hit the spot!