Review: A Year In The Merde


For the first time in 17 years I went to France this past summer. I went with family since I wouldnt really volutarily go to France. For one main reason. The French are so damn arrogant and full of themselves. And I wish I read this book before going to Paris, because I read it right after and some of the information could have helped me in many situations! hehe

Its a story of an English men moving to Paris for work, and dealing with all the little systems they have to get things done. Also he describes many situations in which I felt I was in. It is a really good book about how person feels when they first move to an unknown place, and how people act differently then the way you are used to. And after spending sometime in Paris he didnt realize that he was changing as well. Stephen Clarke did a very good job of jotting down his accounts, and making you feel you know the character, because I could relate to the guy! Its a good book and an easy read. I would recommend to anyone who wants a light entertaining read.

Rating:  r4.0.bmp

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Bad(er)

    “The French are so damn arrogant and full of themselves.”

    I’d love to hear what they have to say about people from your country, you ignorant fool.

  2. Bader: Well at least your not disagreeing with me that they are arrogant and full of themselves! hehehehe
    Im not saying that they dont have a lot things going for them, but damn why they do they have to be so damn rude! Go to the states and see how helpful they are! I know how people are about going to the US, but the people there are really nice!

  3. so u gave it 4 boxes out of five….intersting

  4. Bad(er)

    Marzouq, I’d like to apologize for my rudeness in my first post. Things like this just get to me. Anyway, I just think it would have been better to have said, “a lot of people in France are so damn arrogant and full of themselves.”

    So long as even one person of French citizenship is humble and kind, you then have no right no to say that all French people are arrogant and full of themselves. It’s called the majority of one, and that’s what I believe in.

  5. People in the UK are even worse marzouq lol

  6. Bader: No problem. I know the Parisians are different from the Rest of France. It was just a funny comment really. Dont worry about it. Its just like when people say people from the gulf are arrodant or people from the states are stupid. Its just a funny statement in the right moment.

    WW: It all depends! lol I seem to get a long well with the English! hehehe

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