Its the new song from Rihanna and she is an amazing dancer with a great voice to go with it! This is her new song! I think she is triple jointed at the hip! I really do!! Anyways, here are two versions of her song.

Version 1: Is the Nike Promo for women’s dance clothing, but it is the full length music video with amazing dance routines!

YouTube Link: S.O.S V1

Version 2: Its just another hot video from her! I cant get enough!

YouTube Link: S.O.S V2

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  1. WOW!

    Great video! Bs she reminded me of Aaliya with her dance moves but she won’t get to Aaliyah’s level though! :oP

  2. this song is really hot right now
    its all over mtv, z district, all the major music channels, radio, and i like it :P

  3. Wanted to say that the second version was hotter than the first :P

  4. Stallion: True Aliyah was better, but she isnt bad either. Aliyah had amazing lyrics!

    Yazeed: Im all over it! lol

    Orange Juice: Yes, you can quote me! Triple Jointed! She has to be!

    Jacqui: The 2nd one is sexier, but the 1st one has amazing dance routines! Im happy they made both, I wouldnt even mind a third one! lol

  5. aamna

    i luv unfaithful i luv rihanna i luv u

  6. Molly

    hi im a huge fan i would love to meet you and if you have msn please add me Hehe =) Its [email protected] from a big fan xxxx

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