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Crazy Night

So last night I went to see Ice Age 2 with my friends.. I have to say it was a good movie, but this post isnt about that!

Basically after leaving the movie from Al Fanar, I was driving down the gulf road just before the 3rd Ring Road Intersection, my friend is with my in the car, since I was one the way to drop him off home. I saw a little black thing on the road and didnt think much of it. Suddenly I heard a loud pop and my car pulled hard right and I hit a the back left of a car on my right. I was cruising around 90 kph at the time. Then I pulled hard left, but because of the way I hit the car on my right my from right tire broke so it was still pulling hard right.. but i managed to get control of the car and pull over. Im lucky that my friend was behind me and nothing happened to the guy on my right. And even in all the traffic we managed to pull over. Of course when we called 777 it took them 20 mins to get there, which is pretty good for the emergency services. And I spoke to a crane because I couldnt move my car. The other guy’s car was fine except for a slightly bent exhaust and broken back bumper and light. And I have full insurance so I wasnt worried, but I was pissed! That little black thing pierced the sidewall! I felt bad for the guy that I hit, but my insurance will cover his car.

We had to wait for the police men, but when he came he was cool about it. As long as everyone was ok he was fine about writing up the report. I told him its my fault since my car pulled right when the tire popped. And then a couple more of my friends showed up since the other guys called them. But we still had to go to the police station with both cars to get the paper work for the insurance.  This all happened around 10:30pm, so by the time the tow truck came we went to the Maghfar (Police Station) and got all the paper work from the Investigator. My car was towed to the dealership, and one of my friends dropped me off at home. What a crazy night!