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I just picked up my bike from TriStar motorcycle in Shuweikh. When I got there it was still dirty, but they washed it while I paid for the installation of the parts I got! It looks so nice with all the new parts I got for my bike! Im going to call my bike Robo from now on! I will explain why I call him Robo at later point! When I got back on Robo it felt like I got back a member of my family! There is a deep connection between a Bike and his Rider! You and the Bike are one! Well enough riding psychology! lol

They litterally washed the bike in fifteen minutes with a high pressure washer and then they dried it with a air dry pump. It was cool! Robo looked brand spanking new. The hard part is riding in the heat in the middle of the freaking afternoon! Number one thing I learned from my first (and hopefully last) accident on a motorcycle is always to wear gear! So I had a textile Dainese Jacket, Arai Helmet, and Alpine Gloves on. I also wear jeans whenever I ride. But I knew it was going to get hot so my goal was to keep moving, as long as I could get a breeze then I would be ok. They dried the bike to the best of their abilites so I got on the bike and switched my mp3 player on. And off I went!

For the first little while of riding it was ok! The heat didnt get to me yet, and my helmet was cool since I had it in an airconditioned room! A little water was dripping on me from the parts that werent reachable.. but I saw the water dry withing seconds! God Damn its hot! I kept thinking better get home quick! I was on the 3rd ring road trying to get to Malik Fahad to start heading home, but I hit some traffic on the 3rd ring road and when I had to come to a complete stop for more then 30seconds I started to feel the heat! I tried slowly weaving through traffic going no faster the 5 kph! It was almost physically impossible! But I slowly made it through and I was cruising down the highway and so many kids would keep saying HHIIIIII!!! Thats why I love kids! They are so much fun! I kept waving to any kid that was waving or looking at me with interest! They suddenly become a huge amount energy and stick their faces to the windows! Which I find to be the funniest part! But I made it home and I will be posting pictures later on of the bike with the new carbon fiber pieces! But damn it was hot! 37.5C!