Hips Dont Lie


This is another song that I have been listening to for the past couple of weeks. I have to say that when this women moves I cant stop watching! Its like a spell has been cast! I think I should move to columbia! The amount of control she has over her hips is just amazing. I think I want to learn Spanish! lol

YouTube: HipsDontLie

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  1. Hehehehhehehehe, I understand, if you thought Rihanna was triple jointed at the hip, what would you think of Shakira? :/

    She shocks me with the things she does with those hips of hers :/

  2. I dont know.. i think her hips and her are completely two different entities.. I literally can not stop looking at her hips when she does that!

    Step One: Learn Spanish

    Step Two: Kidnap Shakira


  3. ananyah

    They might come in handy for something dirteh!

    Imagine those hips during………

  4. ananyah

    i dunno *rolls eyes*

  5. Swair

    ur crazy ;p

  6. Used to Ride


    When Are you coming back to Cali?

  7. Used to Ride: Dont know! Got work and other things to do.

  8. i think i would like to learn spanish i liston to the song all the time and i would love to beable to dance like that

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