External HDs

So I went to Professional Computer in Wala’a complex last night.. and since I was there I thought I would post some details that people were asking about over the past couple of weeks.

Phone Number: 2611660 (ask for Shabeer)


Maxtor OneTouch II 300GB: 72KD


Maxtor OneTouch III 200GB: 58.5KD


Maxtor OneTouch III 1TB: 245KD (I want!!)


Seagate 400GB: 95KD

I love electronics! I probably dont need it, but damn I want more storage! lol

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. there is no such thing like enough storage
    planning to get a 500gb harddisk in the summer. i feel so bad when i delete stuff, espcially movies and tv show,

  2. I got a western digital 300 GB external HD that had built in memory card reader and that can be connected with another of it’s kind for less than the maxtor you put up here! :oP

  3. Yazeed: Exactly what I was thinking! You can never have too much space! lol! And I want too! But my budget shrank rediculously after fixing up Robo!

    Stallion: I didnt see any Western Digital HDs when I was there. I got the prices of all that I saw! :)
    But that 1TB can destroy your WD!! and I dont care how much that costs! lol

  4. HEHEH! Yeah the 1 TB can kick some behind! The WD I got wasn’t from that store! It was from a different store in that building!

  5. & to think, I was looking for something as small as 40 GB.

    I burn all movies & tv shows to dvd’s as soon as I get em. So, I don’t have that bad a storage problem.

  6. STallion: I dont trust the other places, because they dont honor the warrenty like Professional does!

    Vineeth: But having so much space is soo nice! lol

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