I love packages! I love when I get packages! Its like getting a gift! But the better part about it is knowing that its something you want and it brightens up your day! I was at work yesterday and I had a long ass day, and I had to drive to a few different places, so it was hot as hell! But When I got home I saw my Amazon Packages! It felt like Christmas! woohoo! I wanted to rip the box apart! And thats what I did! lol! I ordered a couple of electronic devices, and a few anime dvds!



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  1. i know the feeling.
    is that a skype phone i see?

  2. Yazeed: lol! Shhhh.. I will post about that later! hehehe

  3. Yazeed: hehehe no prob!

    Mark: hehehe .. pee ka booo

    Jacqui: I dont get much mail.. so packages are my high of the day! lol

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