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Review: Skype & IPEVO

I’ve looked around for VoIP type service. First thing I looked at was Vonage, but they required a lot of details that I didnt feel like providing. And i had to pay a monthly service charge. So there was a lot things I had to do to get the Vonage service which I didnt want to do.

The first alternative I found that suited my requirements is Skype.



– A fixed number in the US.

– No yearly required fee except for phone number if required. (Which I got)
– I could use it on any computer.

I went with Skype because of the features it had, but like Mark I didnt like using headphones and a microphone so I went with Mark’s review from using the IPEVO. So I got the IPEVO and its a cool looking phone! Well designed and easy to use.






+ Its easy to access your contact list from Skype

+ Programmable buttons through the IPEVO software

+ Very clear

+ Feels like a phone

– This part is the only bad point i think the IPEVO has. I dont know how it works with the mac, but on the PC when you connect the IPEVO it takes over all the audio components of the PC. So if you want to listen to music you have to listen through the IPEVO phone, which isnt meant for music. And even if you disconnect the USB connection from the PC it doesnt revert back to the PC Sound Card, so you have to restart the PC to listen to music or watch tv through the speakers.
Other then that its a very good service and a very good phone.