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Nice Day!

AT LAST!! The weather the past couple of days has been horrible! The sand storms and muddy rain! I know it sarayaat season! But damn! Im so happy that the weather has gotten better!

Yesterday going around to a job site in Sabhaan:



The rain yesterday took down all the sand in the air! And it also cooled the day a bit! I was driving around with the windows down! And it was so nice and I didnt have a lot of work at the desk, and a few work sites to visit so I decided to leave the office early! hehehe here are some pics with me rolling around!

Today!! :


you can see in this picture a dunkin doughnuts on the left on the gulf road between the third ring road and salmiya! Im not sure if its open, but I just saw that its there! Couldnt get a better picture! I was driving! lol



Nice days put me in a damn good mood! I wish its always like this! And not scorching hot! lol

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