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My Baby Nephew!

My baby nephew is a few months old! He confuses me and his father! hehehehe.. so he gets confused when he sees us both! hehehe Im the crazy uncle the makes the world around him bounce! So he is happy when Im around! I always take him and walk around, and do pretty much what ever he wants!

He has this look that says “OOHHHHH thats going in my mouth next! IT JUST HAS TO!” and if you dont help him to get there he will give you this look saying “HELP ME U USELESS PIECE OF MASS! MOVE!!!”

I really wonder what he is thinking, but I think he has the voice of Stewie from Family Guy!! “I SHALL TAKE OVER THE WORLD, but for now I shall chew on this shiny plastic block” (my phone)

He cant really crawl yet, but he rolls around when he needs to! lol! And when he wants to do something he thinks “Chew first … react to you later!”

Im very sensitive about my gadgets and stuff, but when he is around I dont care what he breaks, or slobbers on, or anything of that matter! I think he has threw up on me quiet a few times, but it doesnt bother me one bit! It makes me laugh! Just like your uncle do what you want when you want! I love this kid! hehehe

Update: He has just stuffed his foot in my mouth and started laughing… and then he tried to put the other one in! “Your mouf is my shooeee so say aahhhh”