I thought this might be of interest to people waiting for the PS3 like me!

Its going to be priced at $399 and supposedly coming out in November of 06. Im crossing my fingers here! I bet they will have a huge line of games! Some rediculously good games!

Source: Engadget

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  1. Juddy Abbott


    lovely … i want :)

  2. i am going buy a bunch and sell them on ebay!

  3. Used to Ride

    Do you still have your Chevy truck?

  4. Juddy Abbott: I agree its sexy as hell!!

    Yazeed: Good luck! If you can get more then one my hate goes off to you! Let me know I might buy from you! hehehehe

    Used to Ride: I will always have my chevy truck! hehehe! Its my baby!

  5. lool
    one of my american roommate works at bestbuy
    i already talked to him about that
    and i got 3 other friends who will buy some too
    we will keep one for us, and sell the rest

    the guy at best buy says that we should pay a few days in advance and get a coupon to pick them up on the day they are released, he’ll figure out a way to give me a couple of coupons,
    he sold 3 xbox360’s (the normal ones) for $2000

    now the xbox360 is available everywhere.

    cant wait, this thing will be da bomb!

  6. Used to Ride


    So what are you doing in Kuwait? Did you finish school in Santa Clara? Did you get around to supercharging that big chevy truck of yours? Bet you are wondering who this is??? We hung out in Calif. a couple of years back….

  7. Yazeed: I will pay you for one! But dont rip me off to much!! hehehe!! hook a brotha up! I had one of my friends who used to work at best buy, but now he is in pharmaceutical sales! hehe! I hope you make a rediculous profit on it (but not on me! hehe)

    Used to Ride: Working in Kuwait, finished MA in Santa Clara, I finished working on the truck to a certain degree! but im always working on it! hehehe Im thinking it might be Steve-O! Or a friend! let me know! hehe

  8. lol
    min 3yoony bro
    even though i dont know u bro
    bas i feel i do :P
    dont worry man, it a long way away
    so remind me when it gets close

  9. Yazeed: Mashkoor! Ma gasart! I will remind u on a monthly basis! haha! hopefully there wont be a stampede at the local best buy!

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