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Riding Thursday


On thursday morning the weather was so nice, and I left work early! I knew I had to get out! The weather was too nice to stay inside! And for once it wasnt scorching hot or sand storms like the past couple of days! For once it was slightly cool! 29.5C! So I finished up work, got the cost estimations done, check on the equipment.. I knew I could sneak out and hopefully nobody would call me!! Home free! TIME TO RIDE! hehehe


I got home got my phone, wallet, mp3 player, and went to the basement to gear up! I was so pumped up because I havent had a chance like this to ride for a while! And because it was the first weekend to have decent weather it seemed like half the streets were empty! Thank god! I can enjoy myself!

I went to the gas station and here is me in my gear! So those who see can find me! The indian guys were cool enough to take two pics of me on the bike! And I gave him a tip! 1.200KD for gas.. tip 0.500 KD .. pictures priceless! hehehe


They guy has skillz taken pics! hehe!

Gear: Arai Edwards helmet, Dainese Jacket, Alpine star gloves, jeans with Dainese shorts underneath, and Reebok sneakers! hehe


There is a lot more to read, and a lot pictures! And special prize at the bottom! hehe

The day just better and better from there! I got on the highway! Malik Fahad! It was slightly empty and I was about to take the sixth ring road to go to the seaside and all the way down to Souq Sharq. The music playing was fantastic! I took some pics next to the ocean in bide3. I was cruising taking my time letting the wind hit me, and feel the cool breeze. As long as there were no cars next to me I was happy! I reached Blajat Street, and I kept on going past marina mall.. I wanted to take the turn next to the Scientific Center with the bike as low as possible since the street was empty so I managed to get the bike up 180Kph and boy was that fun! I need to go to the Losail Racetrack in Qatar!!! I need to get this energy out of me! hehehe!! And when that was going on I passed the radar camera in front of Sultan Center going 160Kph so I made a peace sign for them! hehehe and it took the picture! I wish I could get it, but then they would know who it is! hehehe








I just kept on cruizing down the gulf road since there was a nice breeze. It was a nice feeling, and for once I didnt have to fly to keep myself cool, but by this time it was 32, but with a breeze from the ocean helping a lot. All I have to watch out for is sand on the road, oil spills, holes, and women driving. I stay from women driving since they really dont have any peripheral vision, they seriously turn whenever it pops into their heads. Very few women I know are good drivers, and a lot I know abmit they are bad! hehehe

So when I got close to the Kuwait Towers and the road was empty I decided I want to get low again and enjoy the curve, especially since Im slowly getting used to the bike and I love the tires that came with it, which Im going to review after some time. I always look around when Im riding for anything that may be dangerous to me so I can plan as escape route, and I always look at my side view mirrors. Then I saw a car coming up on me, and it looked like an SL but I didnt know what kind but it was coming up quick so I had to decide whether to push it or slow down, but I decided to go for it. I was doing 120kph and so I sped up to 170kph with my blood pmping and adrenaline going hard! And i was slowly putting some distance between me and the SL, but the SL seems to want to play. He kept going around a few cars, it was a black SL. Until we got to the light, it was me and him at the light. And when I looked to my right it was a GIRL driving and her firend is with her! Im like what the hell!!! A girl was driving like that! Thats nuts! A girl who drives like that is probably crazier then a guy! They were laughing, and all I kept thinking was about putting some distance between me and them.. they are gonna do something crazy! So I took off at the green light and they came after me. I could only speed so much from light to light. I was enjoying this chase, but then I turned right and got on the side walk when the light turned red next to Elysium and I went to the water! And parked! That was fun, but I bet those girls were nuts, and it turned out to be an SL 55.







Then I decided to go home I had a very enjoyable day! And it turned out to be interesting, but the streets were getting a little crowded. So on my way home I took Malik Fahad highway from the 1st ring road. And then this one song came on that I wasnt expecting! The transformers theme remix! I love this song! And I love the stransformers! Hot Rod was my favorite character! At that point I was flying through traffice, because the music got me pumped up. And I managed to hit 268 Kph! I went nuts! And I was thinking that Robo is going to transform into humanoid form if I need him too! I know Im nuts, but damn that was fun. I got home parked, stretched a lot and took a nice hot shower! Damn that felt good!
The song was so good any fan would love it, and people would enjoy it!

Here it is to download it! Transformers Theme Remix Old School! hehe