X-Men 3 Clip

I found this and I had to share! A clip from the new summer blockbuster! I cant wait! Enjoy people!
Clip: You Tube

Source: Comingsoon.com

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  1. damn, shakla qawee, need to netfilx the first 2 parts, i havent watched those :P

  2. Yazeed: U really havent seen the first two? Then your going to have a fun fours this weekend! hehehe or whenever the hell your going to see them!

  3. dude no offense but that clip looked pretty cheesy – its almost self parody – when wolverine says ‘hold yer panties’ to Storm that was a new low in the series…as for him being flung and decapitating a Sentinel, we’re going into ‘hindi film’ territory…

    that clip gave me a bad feeling about the flick

  4. amer: u need to take the movie for what it is! It will entertain me and thats what counts! hehe

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