Work Work Work!!!

Things have gotten crazy the past couple of days! I havent even had much time to surf online or just do random things at work! I know im supposed to be productive, but things have gotten hectic the past couple of days! I didnt go home until 8:30pm last night! Thats nuts! I have been freaking exhausted the past week! And not getting much sleep, and still with the family obligations! I know there is going to be one of those days where im just going to pass the hell out!

I want to watch some anime! And play video games! The worst thing is going out to job sites and getting the car when its hot as hell!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Aww, I hope though you feel some relaxation in a few days or so. Or better yet to be able to take a day off to relax :r

  2. Jacqui: Thanks! Need a week off after all this craziness!

    Yazeed: Alah e3een el jamee3! Thanks!

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