Medical Check Up

I have been in Minnesota for about a week and a few days now. Medical check ups for my mom, and a few other things to help her out. Things are coming to an end here with these appointments. So I have been pressured by family and other family members to get a check up done while I was here, and to check up on my family history and stuff.

So I said ok, everything was done in one day. But I have to say that I have never felt so violated in my life! I havent had a physical in almost five years. They did the works on me, and I thought the doctor is just going to look at the results and tell me if Im healthy or sick! Well I was suprised when he told me to take my cloths off… I was stunned for second.. and I felt a shiver down my back! Lets just say I have never had some of these physical tests before.

Doctors Conclusions:

1) Healthy Body Movement

2) I have a Healthy Sex Drive

3) I am Over-Wieght and need to drop about 12-15Kgs..

After all that tests and he didnt tell me something I didnt know. hehehe

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Minnesota!
    what the hell u doing there, never heard someone going to minnesota for medical reasons
    anyways, glad u guys are ok, and i am glad u have a healthy sex drive :P
    i kid…i kid…..
    so when u going back to kuwait?

  2. Gonna be back in another week and a half. Minnesota has the Mayo Clinic. Its a good hospital and the town is built around it!

  3. lol
    i though the mayo clinic was in cleveland for some reason, hehehe my bad

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