I had to post about this!!! Alrite doesnt everyone HATE you get up at night to go to the bathroom when its pitch black and your walking not really thinking about anything else!! My brain is still in a daze since I just had to go to the bathroom.. and in full stride you kick something and its always the smaller toes!!! GOD DAMN IT!! Its killing me right now!! seriously!!!

I know its going to hurt and I cant do anything about it!! Im in a hotel its 4:30am in the morning and I cant really do much abou except to let the pain die off!!!! GOD ITS KILLING ME!! who put that heavy bag RIGHT THERE!!! (I will blame everyone but myself at this point!! ) I was half dazed but because of the pain Im fully awake!! Holy crap!!

I shall now try to sleep!!

Update: I have moved the bag and my toes feel better, but the genius that I am I held on to the door with my hand instead of holding a door handle and that closed on my fingers!! Seriously this just wont end!! hehehe

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. ananyah

    hahahahahahahahahhahaha marzouuuuuuuuuuuuuq i feel sorry for uuuuuuuuu

    poor lil toes!

  2. That does suck, I hope your toes feel better soon.

  3. marzouk hope all is well

    we expect reviews for MI3, POSEIDON and DA VINCI – move yer butt!

  4. ouch :S … dude i feel ur pain … moreoever i have a desk beside my bed .. a lot of times whn i wake up to go to the bathroom i just hit my toes on it as soon as i get off my bed :S .. i need to change it’s place.

  5. Ananyah: I know it was funny when it happened! I was like “GOD $#% @#$*(#*[email protected]#$ FUUCCK” hahahahaha.. but now its better!!

    Jackie: They feel better now but still I should move the bag!!

    Amer: I will post them up soon!! Sooo many good movies!! I will do that tonight!!

    Fractal00: Man a desk will kill you!! I say move it now!! Im moving my bag right now! hehehe

  6. AWWwWwww Ouch!!!! I know how that feeels I though I was alone.

    Howa ur toeZzzy Now ^_^

    nice nice there CUte acually where is this place and what else they sell?? cuz i got to take some of my co-workers shopping be4 they head to state :/

    meeting what a bloggers meeting hehehe thats cut e also

  7. marzouk called you a few times but you didnt answer – send me your phone details so i can talk to ‘la familia’ pls….SMS me

  8. wilted-roze: Everything is fine now, I have no clue what some of your questions are hehehehe

    amer: Hey I texted u! Sorry I had my Kuwait cell on just for work emails and stuff, but i dont keep it on me all the time. I texted u with my US cell phone!! Yala I will catch u laterz!

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