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Enron Guilty!

Jeff Skillings found guilty of Fraud and Conspiracy.

Ken Lay found guilty of all six counts. Former Chairmen and CEO of Enron.
Its fantastic! At last justice! After a long four year case they have been found successfuly guilty. This was the biggest white collar case, and the most difficult with the best defense funding. 60 Billion in Market Value lost since Dec of 2001 from Enron, and 5600 jobs lost.

This is a bit personel for me because Enron is what cause the Energy shortage in California! There was no real energy shortage they just caused it and I lived through it.

They are expecting long prison terms for both men. Ken Lay could be in jail for at least 45 years, and Jeff Skilling could also face many years in jail. The terms are still being put together, but this is probably the best win I have seen in a court!

This still isnt enough to compensate for the people that lost so much of their lives, but at least this one part has come to conclusion.

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