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Upcoming And Future Movies!

There are a lot of movies I am looking forward to this summer, and in the coming future!! I have to say that I read a lot of comic books when I was a kid!!! Im a huge fan of Marvel and DC Comics!! I cant help but watch every movie they make!! And there a lot of quality movies that they make. They have been working on keeping the quality of these characters unlike the previous batmans which just got rediculous. Lets get back to the new movies coming out, and hopefully I will be watching some of them soon!


Which Im going to watch tommorow morning at AMC Loews Kips at 11:30 am!! I cant wait to see it!

Link: IMDB

– The Break Up

Release: Jun 2 2006

I love Vince Vaughn, and I adore Jennifer Aniston. So this movie Im going to love and I know it!

Link: Leggy Aniston

– Superman

Release: June 30 2006

This movie is just going to be amazing! I have high expectations for this movie.

Trailer: YouTube

– Cars

Release: June 9 2006

I love Pixar Animation movies, they usually do an amazing job. And this is an amazing story of cars, and the life they have. Its just fantastic! Gets my gears moving! hehe

Link: YouTube