Back in Q8

Just got back to Kuwait after a being gone for a month for some medical check ups, and making sure my mother relaxs a bit after all the check-ups. When I left it was hot in Kuwait and now its even hotter!!
I was so jet lagged when I got back from all this traveling. I was at work at 7:30am! Which means I get to leave early! Got a lot to write about from visiting my friends in the Bay Area to visiting New York City for the first time in eight years. I have to say this was an interesting trip. Got a lot pictures too, which im going to post!

When I got into work, I had a choice of any parking spot which was fun for once. And when I checked my email I had 52 new emails, and 192 junk mail. Which isnt too bad. I was only replying to the urgent ones when I was abroad! It was a bit hard coordinating work, trying to get some sleep, and waking up in the morning for appointments.

I managed to visit some family over the weekend since I came on wednesday. And I slept really early two days in a row, but I went to the shalaih friday morning! And we went to Garoo Island which was amazing! I wish I brought my camera, but I forgot it at home! On another note I drove my landcruiser all the way to Al-Zoor while the Gasoline was set at empty! I wanted to test it out, and I knew everything was going to be ok since the landcruiser has two tanks. But it lasted the whole way, about 70kms! on Empty! Which is pretty damn good! Im really impressed! I think Toyota makes the most durable cars in the world!

And now I shall continue my work and all the emails I have to reply to!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. 7amdilla 3ala isalama!
    Land Cruisers are great! My family has been buying them since 1991! Now we have a 2003!
    As for the trip to the US, I’m leaving this week! ;o)

  2. Stallion: Itroo7 wit rid bil salamah! Go Enjoy! My holiday is probably going to be around the beginning of september!

  3. Welcome Home Hon, I guess though that I already talked to you earlier. But it sounds that you had a hectic schedule and now you’ve got more hectic things to do right? Well I hope that you get a chance to slow down soon and at least REST since you SO NEED IT!

  4. Jackie: Thank you, Im trying to get some rest, but coming into Kuwait your always off to a running start!

  5. il 7imdilla 3ala il salama man

    hope ur mom is ok now,
    so your going to the states for summer vacation too :P

  6. Yazeed: Alah esalmik! La 7amdilla el waldah a7san. Im going to try to come to the states at the end of august beginning of semptember! But im going to see how that will happen!

  7. 7imdillah 3ala salamat il walda

    lol i was kidding about the USA again, that would be like ur third trip in as many months!!!!

  8. Yazeed: alah esalmik! I try to go to the US whenever I can! hehehe

  9. El-7amdellah 3ala essalamah lel waaldah we leek (I guess it’s not too late to say that;)

    and yep I can see that freakeconomics side in u now..

    welcome back:)

  10. Ccee: Thank you! Alah esalmich. Its never too late! I always try to make connections for things happening! hehehe

  11. welcome back mate — hope all is well

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