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Back in Q8

Just got back to Kuwait after a being gone for a month for some medical check ups, and making sure my mother relaxs a bit after all the check-ups. When I left it was hot in Kuwait and now its even hotter!!
I was so jet lagged when I got back from all this traveling. I was at work at 7:30am! Which means I get to leave early! Got a lot to write about from visiting my friends in the Bay Area to visiting New York City for the first time in eight years. I have to say this was an interesting trip. Got a lot pictures too, which im going to post!

When I got into work, I had a choice of any parking spot which was fun for once. And when I checked my email I had 52 new emails, and 192 junk mail. Which isnt too bad. I was only replying to the urgent ones when I was abroad! It was a bit hard coordinating work, trying to get some sleep, and waking up in the morning for appointments.

I managed to visit some family over the weekend since I came on wednesday. And I slept really early two days in a row, but I went to the shalaih friday morning! And we went to Garoo Island which was amazing! I wish I brought my camera, but I forgot it at home! On another note I drove my landcruiser all the way to Al-Zoor while the Gasoline was set at empty! I wanted to test it out, and I knew everything was going to be ok since the landcruiser has two tanks. But it lasted the whole way, about 70kms! on Empty! Which is pretty damn good! Im really impressed! I think Toyota makes the most durable cars in the world!

And now I shall continue my work and all the emails I have to reply to!