Apple Store in NYC

Since I was in New York for a bit I wanted to go see the new Apple Store. And I was lucky, by chance I was there for the opening, but I thought I would avoid the lines and go a few days later! It is one of the most unique stores I have seen. Your going underground, but you dont feel like your underground. And at the time I was there the elevator got stuck with the people in it so I couldnt even use the cool looking elevator!

I dont have any apple products, but damn that MacBook looked good! And they were selling a lot of them, but the problem is the price they charge for upgrading! I was thinking of getting the black MacBook and upgrading the ram, but they wanted to charge 300 for an upgrade to 1 Gig Ram! I thought that was rediculous, but still it was hard not to buy the MacBook!! The Matt Black MacBook just looked so cool! And the place was huge! I just playing around with different Macs, and enjoying the atmosphere! You could hear music bouncing around in every direction and every type of music! Sometimes you feel the ground shake from some of the sound system that people were buying! And the lines at the cashiers were crazy! You have to wait a while to buy something! And I havent ever seen so many accessories in one place! It was huge! And all the apple people flying all over the place answering questions, and there was an area in the back called the genius bar if I remember correctly and they were working on the apple products and I think explaining to people how to use different things! Now thats an Apple Store!! If your ever in New York City then its really worth a visit! Pictures are worth a thousand words so I got a lot pictures!!

To say this place was packed is an understatement!


New York traffic Cop!! Had to take a picture of him!


Im going to run across the street and tackle everyone! Im so close to the Apple Cube!!!


More pictures when you click the more link!









The Beautiful Black MacBook!!! Sorry the lighting was good around this area!




This kid got everyone’s attention when he was messing around with the window! It seemed hilarious! He was enjoying the Apple Cube!!





This guy was looking at the other speakers intensely!!


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. no boom box pics, shame on you
    my only trip in new york was a shuttle ride from JFK to laguardia
    hope to have a a decent visit soon :P
    glad u enjoyed it
    and the cube looks amazing.

  2. Yazeed: Too many things to take a picture of!! Not enough time! hehehe I liked New York, but its too expensive for my tastes!

  3. Nice :) I like the building which used to be owned by GM and I think Trump bought it in 99 or 2000!
    I usually go there to stop by the toy store FAQ! now I have to make 2 stops :)
    good post.

  4. meWho: thanks. i went into FAO Shwartz too! They have a huge lego area!!

  5. I’m going to be spending a night there, however papa won’t allow me to hit the store since apparently it’s a long way ride from JFK. Plus I would have to catch a flight in the morning after I arrive.

  6. Jackie: JFK is about 30 mins away from that spot in Manhattan and thats without traffic, it could take up to an hour!

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