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Ducati RR

It is a piece of art if I have ever seen one. I love motorcycles, but this one made me drool on my keyboard.


This is the Ducati Desmosedici RR to be sold starting July of 2007. But orders for this bike start from June 2nd of 2006, and priority going to owners of the 999R! I think Ducatis are amazing pieces of Art! You can ride it on the track, or you can just sit there and admire it! A real piece of art and technology!

Ducati built this one differently this time. I think they built a no holds barred motorcycle with every idea they had. The main difference I saw was that its not a V-Twin Engine like the rest of their motorycles. They went with a new V-4 Engine design but still utilizing all their knowledge from their V-Twin engines. There is only going to be 400 of these motorcycles made so good luck trying to get one.

More pictures can be found at the source.

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