Golden Eye!!


On the plane to London. I can’t believe I was watching James Bond: Golden Eye!! Now this movie brings back memories. This was one of the best Bond movies! The old computer screens, they were huge! And Pierce Brosnan is the man! From the scene in Severnaya I wanted to look for my N64 and start playing with 4 players! The exchange between Bond and Moneypenny is fantastic! And that’s the first time I saw the z3 back in its golden days! And how could I forget Onotopp! And the scene in the bathroom with her and Bond! Hehe! The whole movie feels like I’m going through the N64 game its fantastic! I remember playing a lot to unlock the characters in the multiplayer part of Golden Eye!


And who remembers the rumble pack! I used to always run out of batteries!! I always wanted to be the little midget because he was so hard to hit! I was damn good at that game! Because of playing that game so much it has prepared me for the likes of Halo 1 and Halo 2! Which Im pretty good at too! I remember I had all the maps and location of weapons memorized! hehe

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  1. i remember you passing by the house to play that game – i think more people bought the N64 for that game *alone* than any other reason

    remember ‘twisted metal 2’ on the ps?

    those were the days

  2. Amer: Those were some good days! I remember playing twisted metal 2 into the late hours of the night! Those were some good times! And I played Goldeneye so much, I think the only reason I bought it was for Goldeneye! hehe

  3. Mark: Ur in dangerous waters!!! The one time I did play a bit last year I felt completely retarded! It was so hard to get used to the controls again! And damn your N64 is dusty!

  4. GoldenEye on the N64 was amazing. I still hate Microsoft for buying Rare.

  5. Wow, I can’t believe Brosnan won’t be Bond again!?? They seem to go through Bonds pretty quickly for some reason. And I guess the new bond guy was the one who broke the news to Brosnan?

  6. mr skin: Brosnan was a great bond! Seriously great.. he was bond for close to 10 years, thats a lot! The new bond wasnt announced until late in the year and Brosnan knew things were going to change waaayy before that!

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