AC Shnitzer BMW K1200R

I love modifying whatever I have. Be it bikes, cars, computers, and anything that can be modified! Even lego! I changed the look of my bike to have have the more aggressive look with the carbon fiber and matt black pieces. And Im think about getting an exhaust system to give it the grumbling sound that Robo deserves!

While I was surfing around I stumbled upon AC Shnitzers modifications and exhaust system. They completely change the bike from what it look like. This bike looks like the Decepticon version of my Robo! This bike looks dangerously appealing with the bright colors and all the modifications! But coming from AC I could imagine the cost being about the same as the cost of the bike! It still looks very appealing in my opinion in a different kind of way! They did a good job spicing it up.

I dub thee “Nightrate” , that sounds like a good Decepticon name!

Link: AC Shnitzer



more picture below





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  1. WOW!

    Now that’s a beautiful machine!

    Thanks for the amazing infor and pics!

  2. Stallion: No problem, but are you saying mine is ugly!?!?! hehehehe

  3. judy: aawww! y u gotta say that! Each bike has its own character! No bike is the same as the other in my eye!

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