Motorcycle Meet

There is a motorcycle meet at TriStar motorcycle in the city at 8:45pm tonight. And there is going to be ride to somebody’s house or something for an invitation. Im going and I hope whoever wants to go can go. At least take a look at motorcycles. I bet there will be a number of BMW motorcycles and a lot of Ducatis! Look for me if your going to be there. Im going to take my camera and take a lot of pictures. TriStar Motorcycles is opposite Khaleejeya complex (Qnet) you cant miss it, it will be coming up on your left if you come down fahaheel expressway. My first meet since I never had a chance to go before!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. ok MZeeeee !!

    Totally off off offfff topic..
    How ?? How ?? I mean How the bloody hell do u do it ?? I haven’t checked ur blog in 2 days and u have 10 POSTS up !!

    Shloan ?? a3terith !! ana I have more to say and more to post about *6ul* waallaaaa bs I never come around to doing it ;P I freezee… Mashaaaalaaaahhh (don’t worry 3ainy barda)

    See this is why I keep saying I need a personal assistant ;P

    What’s the secret ?? no really ??

  2. DiiGMaa: lol I make my posts at night before I go to sleep and add the final touchs when there isnt any work to do at work, and then I post them. I usually read a lot of interesting tid bits of information that people might find useful, and then I just do all the family arounds and meet up with friends. Maybe it helps that I type fast! hehehehehe

  3. I still say I need a personal assistant…
    She’ld look good running around behind me trying to jot down all my thoughts so I don’t forget them.. she’ll enjoy running my “small” errands coz I’ll be nice and allow her to pick up whatever she wants on my tab if she does it well and on time… she’ld also be constantly pampered and showered with the latest trends.. she has to look good.. neat and presentable…
    The key words are “inshalla” and “I’m on it”.. even if she doesn’t do much.. coz I always end up doing my own work.. like they say “you want something done you do it urself”.. atleast she’ll be my personal reminder.. I’m so forgetful..
    and bsssssshhhh Kaify I need a personal assistant !!! ;p
    know anyone suitable ?? ;P

    a guy would only be considered if he’s willing to take orders from a lady ;P

    hmmmm I’ve heard some even enjoy that ;P
    Huuufffftttttt wainich ya “Samee7a” (qarart hatha isimha)

  4. DiiGMaa: hahahahaha!!! U really do need a personel assistant I could recommend a few NewYorkers for you, because they are always on it. And then there are the lebanese or Egyptians who are amazing at these things and develop a million contacts! And then you can call the guy or girl Samee7a or Samee7! hahaha! I think you do well as a party planner in Miami! loooll! I’ve already decided your job!


    I act as the current coordinator/planner at our co as well as PR and analyst… I multitask… but I’d love to be a party planner on the side.. I’d be wicked at it(thiqa adre.. but I hate to assosiate my name to anything unless I know it’s amazing.. I’m a perfectionist:P).. but only one thing though.. it would have to be in New York.. and I only cover events in my personal Boutique Hotel… and I’ll do a few in my Miami branch too… Ohh I forgot to mention… I’m planning on becoming a Boutique Hotel Owner :D then I’ll need a whole team of assistants… hmm I’m loosing track of my thoughts.. ayaaa 3alaich ya samee7a wainich 3any itsajleen afkaary !!

  6. You would do better in Miami, because your a little bit more on the energy side. And they got a lot of energy there! yala move to miami to do all your party planning and take samee7a with you! You could take care of the Latin Awards which take place in Miami or LA! Just do your thing! hehehehe

  7. NOOOOOOOOOOOO !!! I’m a London / NY kinda girl !!!

    besides with all the sun and all the frecles and the sun allergies I wouldn’t last long…. besides why u so quick to get rid of me ?? Tara my “thing” as you call it starts here in Kuwait inshallah… Yallah shagi3ny tara the nicer you are and believe in me the more free services I’ll give you :P

  8. DiiGMaa: your funny as hell! Im trying to think of the best place for your energy not really trying to get rid of you! hahaha! Kuwait would be good for party planning but the problem is there are a lot of women with a lot of money and horrible taste that could turn your parties into a disastor! Thats why im telling you go to NY! Less headaches! But you do seem to have the energy for this job!

  9. Mzeeee,

    wanaaasaa u make me sound like the source of energy !!
    tara agoolik shay… I’m a very quiet person in nature… unless u add two lumps of sugar ;P But ambition I got.. enthusiasm I got more of… and not to worry about the Rich Tasteless ladies… I’m a charmer.. I have a way with words ;P it’s all in compromise and negotiation…
    u never know.. I might talk you into helping out with my Boutique Hotel ;P

    Chinaaa wayed I posted on ur blog… ok I gotta take a time out from Z District so I don’t over crowd the area ;P

  10. DiiGMaa: well if you can compromise and do your thing .. then do it! hehehe!! And you can post anywhere and anytime! hehehe! I think I will add four lumps of sugar and watch the test subject! lol

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