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Bike Price


So I went for a ride the other night with some people from TriStar Motorcycle, which was very interesting to say the least. But I will be posting about that later. I had a previous post about the Ducati RR, which is the Ducati Moto GP bike for sale. Well TriStar motorcycles are the dealers of Ducati, KTM, BMW, and maybe a few other names Im not sure of. But since we Jafar Behbehani was there for the meet I decided to ask him how much he would sell the Ducati RR for. Since I was thinking “maybe” I could get it if its coming out next year. If I save up a lot (which probably I wont do). I know ducatis are expensive, and I know it would be a very limited bike. I was thinking in the 10’000KD or 12’000KD. I know I was dreaming, but a man can dream. Then he told it is going for 20’000KD! I was in shock, I almost choked on the food. I was like what! Then he asked if I wanted him to get me one. I was like nooo thank you, but if you have any left over I dont mind you letting me ride it for a day hehehe. Now thats way out there! But like I said piece of art!

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