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Review: Dr. Abdul Mohsin M. Jafar


I was cleaning my ears with the ear buds after taking a shower, but I pushed a little too far in. So I felt a weird feeling and stopped what I was doing hoping it would go away. I just felt this uncomfortable feeling around my left ear. So I went about my day and everything was good. The next day I went swimming in the pool and everything seemed to be ok. At one point I went under water and tried to go deep, and when I did that I suddenly felt as if somebody kicked me in the head. I couldnt move because of the pain in my head while I was under water. I was about two meters under water, and I felt as I couldnt move. I knew at that point I need to get up. So I did, and I could feel the pain in the left side of my head and around my left jawline. My family was around the house and I didnt want to bother them so I just said I was tired, because it showed that something was wrong but I didnt want anyone to worry. I went to my room and didnt see anything coming out of my ear, and I could still hear from both ears, but I was worried. And I asked my family if they knew a good ear doctor and I asked my friends. Next day my friend got back to me and told me Dr.Abdulmohsin Jafar is a good doctor that his mother went to before and some other members of his family. So I decided to go.

Waiting Room:

So I found out that he is open from 11am to 1pm and 4:30pm to 8:30pm at a private clinic in She’ib. I came into the waiting room which isnt too big, but there are comfotable leather seats, not too soft but better then the plastic seats in hospitals. About 13 seats in total and there were four people before me. There is no appointments. Its a first come first serve basis, and it did go as first come first serve with no problems. I got there 4:45pm but I didnt get to see the doctor until 6pm. I had to pay a first time registration fee of 20 KD which was fine with me. There is water located in the waiting room, tv, and some magazines, but your better off bringing your own reading material.

Doctor Meeting:

When I went in the doctor was very nice, and he is scruffy look. He is a bit short and greying hair, but a young guy. Very nice attitude when talking to him. He was educated in Canada and certified in the UK and the US. So he is fluent in arabic and english. His english is american, so anyone can go to him. We went to the examination room, and he put a long tube in my right ear to see the healthy ear and then from there he looked at the left ear. I told him everything I did and what happened with the swimming. He told me my ear drum isnt damaged at all, the left one was just irritated. But the pain was caused because the I push the wax down to the inner tube and it expanded under pressure from swimming. That is what causing the pain, but the pain in my jaw line might be because of an infection. He told me he usually puts a liquid to help shrink the wax, and tells the patient to come the next day. But he will try helping me now, and if he cant he will put a liquid and I should come the next day. He proceeded to do what he does, and I felt some pain which he told me I will, and he was talking me through it. And he explained to me everything he was doing. And I was extremely happy he helped me and got everything cleared. I lost my balance for about 3 mins which he told me would happen. I felt the pain decrease dramatically! Just a little pain left, but at least I could think with a clear head. I would recommend anyone with any ear problems to go to this doctor!! And I paid another 20 KD for the consultation thats it. I would have paid anything to make the pain go away!

Dr. Jafar is an Ear, Nose, & Throat specialist. He also performs Facial Plastic Surgery, but not at his clinic. He performs the surgery at Muwasaat hospital or Al Haady Hospital. In the waiting there were 4 girls who had nose jobs, but I dont know if they look good or not, because they had their face completely covered so I couldnt judge his work. But everyone seemed to be happy with the doctor’s work form this point of view.


He is in a building which is extremely easy to get to. He is in She’ib. Go on fahaheel Express way keep Qadsiya Club on your left, and Sheikh Sa’ads house on your right, and the first right after the bridge after Qadsiya club its the first building on your left. You really cant miss it. And its a first come first serve basis.

Contact: 2616122

Rating: r5.0.bmp