Transformers: The Movie

Coming out: July 4th 2007

Im a huge fan of the Transformers so I really want to see this movie and how its going to be. I gathered up as much info and pics as possible about this. And there will be certain types of cars which will change. And its probably going to be interesting to say the least.

Mark posted about the movie on his blog as well, which got me going even more!!

Link: Transformers Movie

Link: Optimus Prime Transformation (Cool)

New Chevy Camaro to star in Transformers movie

The Chevrolet Camaro Concept will star in the forthcoming “Transformers” movie, which is due for release on July 4th, 2007 (07-04-07). The film — which was first announced last year — is a collaboration between Paramount, DreamWorks, and Hasbro. Apparently, “Bumblebee” is going to start out as a 1970s Camaro, and then be rebuilt as a 2008/2009 Camaro. Meanwhile, “Starscream” is going to be an F-22 Raptor, and “Optimus Prime” is going to be a fire truck. Judging by the license plate on the new Camaro, tuner Saleen also has involvement with the project. A Saleen Mustang police car will also appear in the film.

a lot more pictures below

BumbleBee is the yellow camaro, im not sure about the other cars.














and this one is just plain funny!!!


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  1. This movie is a must-see for me :)

  2. 3baid: I think I will go to Dubai to see this movie uncut!! Its worth the 40Kd for a jazeera ticket! I will buy it NOW! lol

  3. Kevofthedead

    So Bumblee is a Camaro then, is this true? If so Hollywood are doing it again and changing everything they see fit to (apparently) make the film better….. oh dear what next Soundwave as an Ipod Nano

  4. Kevofthedead: yea it seems like it, I dont mind the changes as long as they get the sound right and the animation right with a great storyline!

  5. jesse

    is that last pic is that a prelude?

  6. jesse: I have no clue! I thought it might even be a civic!

  7. Arik

    I like the new 2007 Chevrolet Camaro Concept, and looks like a must see!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. j

    Dummy its an eclipse

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