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Intake.. Blah

I have been trying to stick to a good diet of food, and excercise.. not necessarily depriving myself of food, but working out if I do endulge myself. But to go to the gym or swim I need to eat light for lunch. So after a nice workout I get hungry quick, and I usually just eat a ton of cucumbers and go out. This has been going on for the past week and a bit. Everyday for lunch I have been having grilled fish because its light and healthy, and it tastes good but its getting a little repetitive. Then one day I had laham machboos which thuroughly satisfied me and I really didnt move after eating! And it felt good to eat, and I didnt really go to the gym that day! Or move for that matter! hehehehe. And a lot of times I would have watermelon for dinner since its basically sugar and water.
Today I want to sit down and enjoy the game. So I called Papa Jones and ordered me a BBQ Chicken Pizza! And yes I feel good about it! Yes I do!

Update: I spilled bbq sauce all over my dishdasha, and I couldn’t care less because I am full and happy. hehehehe. Now to continue watching the game!