Intake.. Blah

I have been trying to stick to a good diet of food, and excercise.. not necessarily depriving myself of food, but working out if I do endulge myself. But to go to the gym or swim I need to eat light for lunch. So after a nice workout I get hungry quick, and I usually just eat a ton of cucumbers and go out. This has been going on for the past week and a bit. Everyday for lunch I have been having grilled fish because its light and healthy, and it tastes good but its getting a little repetitive. Then one day I had laham machboos which thuroughly satisfied me and I really didnt move after eating! And it felt good to eat, and I didnt really go to the gym that day! Or move for that matter! hehehehe. And a lot of times I would have watermelon for dinner since its basically sugar and water.
Today I want to sit down and enjoy the game. So I called Papa Jones and ordered me a BBQ Chicken Pizza! And yes I feel good about it! Yes I do!

Update: I spilled bbq sauce all over my dishdasha, and I couldn’t care less because I am full and happy. hehehehe. Now to continue watching the game! 

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Fats

    Marzouq,the key is not to deprieve yourself but to limit your portions.
    Im trying to shed some pounds but right now all i can think of is a nice gooey piece of chocolate cake!

  2. I’m on a low fat diet now and I haven’t lost much but I’m still eating from papa johns. Have you tried Lipton’s green tea, they say it’s good?

    I think it would be okay if you had something from Choco Bar or a cone of ice-cream like once a week or so. I’ve been told not to ignore any cravings esp. when you’re dieting.

  3. Jacqui: Let me tell you, It was good!

    Fats: Im trying to limit the portions, and I think Im doing a good job of it, but I get hungry quick because Im always on the move.

    Pearls: I havent tried Lipton’s green tea, but Im pretty much only drinking water. Im trying to stomach drinking Soda. And I only give into my craving after a while! hehehehe

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