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Laid Back Couple


What is the usual couple like in Kuwait? I was wondering that because a few people I know are married or getting married. And some of these people are bit free or a bit conservative just differing on a few things. But for the first time the other day I went over to my friend’s apartment who is newly married and his wife as out so it was safe for us to come over! Hehehe! His place was nice and simple, it needs a little bit more furniture or some simple accessories but that’s the best part! Going around and picking these things are fun in my opinion.
When I was in Marina mall on Friday around 1pm it was so much fun seeing normal people, and lots of couples without the usual riff raff that I try to avoid. I was pleased to see that it felt like a normal place unlike the usual packed full of guys type mall. And everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, and it felt like I wasn’t in Kuwait for a bit! So I think I will be visiting at these times if I wasn’t at the Beach! I’m happy to see things like this because it gives a sense of normalcy in the hectic life of a couple in Kuwait. Whenever I see two newlyweds together going out, and doing stuff it’s really cool. A friend of mine got married about 4 years ago now, and sometimes I see him and his wife at Johnny Rockets and they are have a good time. With people like this in Kuwait there is always hope things will improve.