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Bike Tip: Engine Break-in


I have decided to start making bike tips to give people the benefit of the knowledge that I have acquired through practical experience, information gathering, and many many many mistakes! Even if your an experience rider or just starting to ride I hope at least one of my tips will help decrease the amount of headaches you may go through or mistakes you have to make before learning. I have read a lot of magazines, and practiced a lot of what they preach as well as learned from experience.

When you buy a bike the first thing you want to do is fly off and see how fast it is or how it handles, but doing that probably wont be to you or your bike’s benefit. They tell you not go past 5000 or 6000 rpm (on a sportbike, assuming redline is around 11000-14000). For the first 150Km or 90 Miles take it easy on the bike and shift smoothly. Because your breaking in a lot of parts on the bike. Be kind to the transmission let it get used to things, because you dont want something to happen to the transmission while your riding. Make smooth and comfortable shifts to break-in the transmission correctly. After the second gas tank you can pretty much go 1000rpm more then before, so if you were limiting it to 5000rpm then you could go to 6000rpm or 6500rpm. Keep increasing the rpm by those increments per gas tank that you go after the second one. Its just a very easy way to break-in the bike correctly and keep a progress of your bike. You dont want to thrash your bike from day one because it will only decrease the life expentancy of your bike. Treat your bike well and your bike will be faithful.