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Visiting The One!

I visited the One on Friday, I was looking to buy a simple desk and taking a look at some couches for my cousin. There was one couch that I really like which is this one, because you sink all the way in. Usually this kind of couch is soft sides and cushion but this one wasn’t. The one I tried which was soft was in the UK a few months ago, but the tag price on that was 450KD.


And then I saw this one couch which is hanging up there and I had the sudden urge to sit on it, probably because it was inaccessible. Hehe.


While I was taking pictures this sales person came in front of me to tell me taking pictures is against company policy. I told him I’m taking pictures to show a relative, which I was, and then he told me again company policy so then I said I don’t work for this company and its my money that I am spending! Its overpriced and they are giving me attitude!

The thing I do every once and while when I go to the one is sit on as many couches as possible to find the most comfortable one. I dont know who else does that, but its for testing purposes! hehehe!!