Visiting The One!

I visited the One on Friday, I was looking to buy a simple desk and taking a look at some couches for my cousin. There was one couch that I really like which is this one, because you sink all the way in. Usually this kind of couch is soft sides and cushion but this one wasn’t. The one I tried which was soft was in the UK a few months ago, but the tag price on that was 450KD.


And then I saw this one couch which is hanging up there and I had the sudden urge to sit on it, probably because it was inaccessible. Hehe.


While I was taking pictures this sales person came in front of me to tell me taking pictures is against company policy. I told him I’m taking pictures to show a relative, which I was, and then he told me again company policy so then I said I don’t work for this company and its my money that I am spending! Its overpriced and they are giving me attitude!

The thing I do every once and while when I go to the one is sit on as many couches as possible to find the most comfortable one. I dont know who else does that, but its for testing purposes! hehehe!!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I like to do that as well, whenever I see couches, it’s like inviting my gluteus maximus to take a seat on it LOL! I mean seriously how else can you decide if you want a couch or not? :/ Ha?

    But oh well :P

  2. lol
    the one have the worst service!
    specially when it comes to their customers!
    i like what u did .. zain tsawe fehum ;)

    any waaaaays… i do the same thing, i go there sit on couches and beds :) its just fun.

  3. Jacqui: yeah u just have to sit down! lol!

    no3ik: Its like they have this wierd company policy and the store is untouchable or somethign.. but i ignored him and kept doing as i wanted! hehehe!! take pictures and sit on couches! lol

  4. i love the one! i can spend hours in there. no one tells me anything about against sitting on the couches but the do have an anti picture taking policy which is understanding to me.

    i love all their furniture. i dont find them over priced at all

  5. rampurple: I know what you mean about just sitting their for hours. But if you compare their prices to shops of similar quality in the states then its a bit over-priced. But the picture taking policy is a little too much, the reasons im taking pictures is to show my mother different options since its too hot for her to leave the house and too crowded at night. So what would a person in my situation do but take pictures.

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