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Cool Utilities: ClockX and Hamachi



Its a normal clock Utility that I have been using for the past 4 months. Its really useful and easily configurable. It has at least 50 different skins that can be applied to the clock. The features which I find fantastic is the alarm. You can setup as many alarms as you like as well what the alarm does. It can play an mp3, execute a program. And different variations of when this alarm can go off. I have set 4 different alarms to go off daily from 6:30am until 7:15am because sometimes its hard as hell to get out of bed and having a good song or two playing in the background isnt too bad. The one thing it cant do is play from a list of mp3s randomly, so the same a alarm time but different songs everytime. That would be cool. And you can pretty much execute an program you, and it can shutdown your computer at a certain time if you want. Also the clock icon can be clearly seen, and you can place it anywhere. I placed it on the top right of my screen. I usually look at it from far or close, and it can be resized to any size you want. And if your surfing and you want to click a link thats under it, you can set it so that it goes transparent once the mouse goes over it. Which I find to be an amazing feature! This utility looks like it came from an apple because it looks so good, and clean!

Link: ClockX



I know a lot of people who want to access information on their home desktops and work, or when your traveling. There are a lot of solutions out their. From paid solutions such as GoToMyPC or VNC which requires some technical saavy. I have tried a lot of things and I have been successful with VNC, but I always have to spend a while checking the firewall settings on the work server, or my incoming ports at my home computer to make sure everything is working properly or trying to figure out where the problem is.


I have always been on the look for software solutions which are simple to use and implement. And Hamachi is the perfect solution. Ofcourse you will be experiencing a certain degree of lag, but it is the easiest software to setup and use. And they offer a lot of help through their forum to configure different firewalls if you have any problems. I tried it from my work computer to access the information on my desktop at home and it worked perfectly. All I had to do was configure accesss through ZoneAlarm on my desktop. This is an amazing piece of software, because its like logging on to a chat where you see all your friends, but in this case you are seeing all your computers so you may access anything that you have shared on them. And only a person on your network can access that information since you have to have the password to access that person’s network of computers. Its really secure information and I really like how polished the look is. And the best part is that its free.

Link: Hamachi