Ducati Hypermotard


Its official! Ducati is going to put this bike into production. When I first saw pictures of this bike I thought that it looked fantastic, and I didnt even know who made it. When I realized it was a ducati I was stumped, the closest type of motorcycle they have to this is the Monster. But this bike looks amazing with the clean lines, and red design. I hope the price for this motorcycle will be reasonable, but if it rides just as good as it looks then I will be tempted to get my hands on one of these bikes! Its looks so freaking great, and its a Supermoto for the street!!!! I wish I was a test rider for any of the companies! Trying new bikes for work would be the best job period.



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  1. Mayari

    Interesting, LOL =p CAN WE ge them in pink?! :P

  2. WOW! Amazing design! Maybe you should ask Tristar for a test drive when they get it! :P

  3. Mayari: Sorry, Ducati only makes it yellow, black, or red. But u can paint it yourself! lol

    Stallion: Thats the first thing Im going to do when they get it!

    ananyah: yes … very!

  4. Call me boring but I see motorycle and I think accident , hospital, painful death, funeral. Sorry but I hate those things. I dont think Id ever allow a son or brother of mine to buy one.

  5. ZinZinQ8: I totally understand how you feel, because thats how I felt about it when I was in Kuwait, but when I got full training in the states and the comrodary of motorcycles in the Bay Area(where i used to live) is like a brotherhood sort of thing. And the motorcycle culture there is what made me love motorcycle. And hopefully we can improve things in Kuwait. There is a small motorcycle culture, but with time hopefully we could spread this culture.

  6. See you’re thinking about it the right way and that’s good. But its not even safe to drive cars here let alone motorcycles. Ya3ni even me as a driver I get scared when a motorcycle comes near me because a5af assawee shay oo ad3ima. I just feel its such a fragile thing. But anyway, if you really love it and you’re all safe about it, then have at it :) (BTW I have not idea where the Bay Area is. I mean doesnt any place that has a bay have a “bay area”? … feeling a little dumb…)

  7. ZinZinQ8: Yeah its all about the attitude towards motorcycling thats different. And trying to fix the mentallity of the idiots here is going to be difficult. But I know what you mean I always have difficult with cars because 90% of them dont know how to drive. But I ride at odd hours to avoid traffic! :) The Bay Area is located in Northern California and it include San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Clara, Emeryville, Fremont, and a few more.. its the areas surrounding San Francisco and boy do I miss! hehehehe

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