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Gadget List!

This list never ends! Seriously! I was just thinking of all the things I want to get later on when I save up enough cash. Which will disappear into this list. And my list of gadgets never end, but at least it keeps me entertained!

1) Dell 2407WFP

It looks like such a cool screen, and the one before it was rated so high (2405FPW). And I have a Dell 20.1 Widescreen which is so freaking clear and good, but for some reason I just want the bigger one! dont ask me why! I just do!

Link: Cnet

2) Infrant NV 1.6TB


I have been looking for the best solution for a Network Area Storage that is very reliable and very useful at the same time. At first I was looking at the Buffalo 1TB Terastation, but then I read about all the problems people were having with it and it wasnt as simple as it was stated. And then I was thinking about getting the Maxtor OneTouch III 1TB, and I waited for reviews on this one as well. I was looking forward to it, because their NAS’s and external Hard Drives did so well. So I thought that the company would also have another successful product. But I was wrong, and some people are having difficulty with it. So after looking through multiple reviews and seeing my options I found the Infrant NV to be an amazing products with almost Zero drawbacks and everyone saying how happy they are with the product. Especially since the hard drives are all hot-swappable, and its a very simple system to setup and you dont need a computer to access it if you want to stream things from it. And one major thing that I found to be great is that it has a Gigabit connection unlike all the other Consumer grade NASs for some reason they think that we dont want Gigabit speed for out network! So now I am very happy to find that this product does the job. But now the price is always up there for a good product! And I found it at other places cheaper then amazon by about $200, but I still have to wait and save!

Link: TomsNetworking

Link: Infrant

Link: Amazon

These are the two major products that I have been looking at for the past couple of weeks, and I have been thinking about them for a while! So many gadgets and so little time!