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Mac Book Prices in Kuwait

I went the other day to Marina Mall after having a quick visit to the dentist. And it wasnt a bad visit to the dentist, but I dread going to the dentist for any reason! And after I was done I went for a quick visit to Marina Mall since it was empty. I wanted to take a look at a couple things at the One, but on the way there I stopped inside the Apple Center just to see how rediculous the prices of their products are.

So after finding out the price of the MacBook I decided to try finding how much the other places sell the MacBook for based on Mark’s previous information gathering on the MacBook Pro. Thank you Mark. These are prices for the matt black MacBook

Apple Center
590KD = $2034.00

Not Available

Kamal Al Sultan
Not Available

550KD = $1896.00

And none of them have it in stock yet, everybody told me another week or two. So anyone with their right mind would by it online and wait for it. Since they are using the usual Kuwait pricing scale when selling these products.