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Speeding Tickets!

I just found out I have two speeding tickets on my record! I was happy I asked a friend to check for me. You could check online by seeing your civil ID number. Im not sure which website, but I will find out.

The funny part is both tickets are given on the same day. One was for 40 K/h over the speed limit and another for 30K/h over the speed limit. Im not sure what’s the fine going to be. But how come I had to find out if I had a ticket or not, Im lucky I was thinking about it! No wonder nobody pays! Its because nobody notifies the person involved! I have a feeling that here is mistake because how could I get two tickets in the same day (Jan, 9th). But if the ticket isnt too bad Im too lazy to argue with the stupid police, because they will probably be talking out of their ass and lying so it isnt worth the headache of arguing.