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BBq, Fun & Good Sleep!

I went to a friend’s place yesterday to help with a bbq! It was a lot of fun to say the least! We made the burgers, cut up the vegetables, and prepared what was needed for the good night watching the world cup. And all this while it was still hot outside, but it was so much fun we didnt care much about the heat. The one thing I wanted that I didnt have for the longest of time is a Marinda! How long has it been since I’ve had a Marinda! Seriously! It tasted so good, since I put it in the freezer earlier so it could get cold quick while I was cooking the burgers and hot dogs for the guys!

The Sweet Taste of Marinda!!


This is grounded australian beef extra lean! So it tastes better when you slowly bbq the meat! (Available at Sultan Center)

Mixing the meat with the salt, spices, and herbs to make a great tasting burger. Bundling into big clumps!


Making the right size patties that will satisfy the hungry beasts outside the kitchen!



I cant really show everyone the end result because it was devoured so quickly!

This is the fire for the bbq that we had a difficult time with! But my friend was getting it started even if it killed him! hehehe! And we were coughing like crazy because of the smoke and I think my slippers melted and I burned myself a few times from the coals flying around.

After enjoying the food, the good company, and a good game I was exhausted and it was showing. I could barely hold my head up while watching the Sweden vs. Paraguay game. So I went home at the end of the game, and just relaxing during the drive and smelling like smoke and food. It was funny. I was full and comfortable. As soon as I got home I took a nice long shower, sat with the family, got on my pc for a little bit, and I went to sleep around 2am and I didnt wake up until 2:45pm on Friday! That is exactly what I needed! Now if only it was a little cooler I would be riding my bike!