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Late Dip


Since today has been a lazy day I thought I should do something physical other then typing on a keyboard and moving a mouse! I did a few other things while moving about the house, but I really didnt do much! hehehe! I decided to go for a dip in the pool which was nice and cool and the weather was perfectly warm. I dont like slowly getting into the pool since I would probably feel colder, Im the type to jump right in and get it over with! And it felt good! I did about 10 laps in the pool at a consistent rate, about 14m per lap. It took me about 11 mins and boy I was tired! I started just floating around the pool, and trying not to think. After about 45 mins I remember we had an old boombox which I went to garage and found, so I started playing some music while swimming and that just felt great! After about 1.5hours of swimming in the pool I know I will get a good nights sleep!!