Late Dip


Since today has been a lazy day I thought I should do something physical other then typing on a keyboard and moving a mouse! I did a few other things while moving about the house, but I really didnt do much! hehehe! I decided to go for a dip in the pool which was nice and cool and the weather was perfectly warm. I dont like slowly getting into the pool since I would probably feel colder, Im the type to jump right in and get it over with! And it felt good! I did about 10 laps in the pool at a consistent rate, about 14m per lap. It took me about 11 mins and boy I was tired! I started just floating around the pool, and trying not to think. After about 45 mins I remember we had an old boombox which I went to garage and found, so I started playing some music while swimming and that just felt great! After about 1.5hours of swimming in the pool I know I will get a good nights sleep!!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Mayari


    Swimming is considered the best workout ever =P if I can call it a “WORKOUT”, but anyways you know what I mean.
    cute shaped pool, i’ve always been a fan of the water.. It reminds me of good old days, especially in the summer. Me and my cuziez would alot of snacks, and our dkaan’s one and only famous toot icecream and PAAAAARTY!!

    But would never want to swim alone and at night.. I’ll be jumpy the whole time,especially from the sound of the water while diving.

  2. Part of me wishes I was you this weekend. mashalla 3alaik bil 3aafia :) Me and some freinds are thinking of also having a swim-barbecue day but its an all ladies gang and we pretty much suck at this stuff so if we swim, get starved and end up burning something, well someone is simply gonna get beaten up.

  3. Mayari: Yeah swimming is really a good workout if you can get a few laps in, and I need to get into shape! hehehe! But I could swim anytime of day! And its fun at night!

    extinct-dodo: Mashkoor!

    ZinZinQ8: Lol! I think you guys should do the bbq thing and wing the cooking part! Only me and another guy knew how to cook, its because we enjoy doing it. I personally enjoy cooking, but I am not allowed next to the kitchen because they are afraid that I will mess somethign up down there! Lol! Bring a lot of meat to bbq because Im guessing 40-60% will be burned! lol

  4. Mashallah 3layk! We have a pool too but I hardly use it and if I do I usually don’t do laps!

  5. Stallion: Lol! Yala at least get in the pool!

  6. I’d love to have a pool one day at my place because I hate going to the gym to swim only.

  7. Pearls: Its convenient to say the least. And it gives you a chance to cool off.

  8. Ananyah: lol! Sorry Boys only club! hahahaha

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